Sustainable Pricing for Family Photographers

a self-paced course with Antonina Mamzenko

Figuring out how to price your family photography can be… mind-boggling.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

When I first got started in photography, pricing was one of my main stumbling blocks. How could I put a price tag on something that I loved doing so much and would totally do for free? Was I good enough? Would anyone even pay me?

Researching what other people charged wasn’t helping either: one photographer had a £100 price tag, and another one – £3000.

Confession time: during the first year as a photographer I charged £250 all-inclusive fee for family photoshoots and thought I was rocking it!

It didn’t take long, however, to realise that I couldn’t build and sustain a business that could support my family charging that.

Since then, thought much trial and error (and absorbing every bit of information I could find), I’ve built a successful family photography business with clients investing, on average, between £2,000 and £4,000 in a session with me. And no, I don’t do IPS (in-person sales).

This self-paced course is basically a download of my brain, so you don’t have to spend years figuring it all out yourself through trial and error.

I will take you step by step from determining your goals (they are different for everyone and totally affect your pricing decisions), to quite literally taking you through all the math where we’ll get to how much you need to make per session to make your business sustainable long-term.

I’ll also explain different pricing approaches and how to choose the best one for you and the business you want to build, and show you how to sell without being salesy but instead providing a valuable service to your clients.

This is not one of those courses were I tell you there’s only one way to do things.

Instead, I’ll explain pros and cons of different approaches and let you make your own decision – the decision grounded in understanding how to be profitable as a family photographer!

“I highly recommend this course”


It really helped me set up a pricing I felt confident with and will actually pay the bills! I most certainly wouldn’t have sold a £700 album last month if it wasn’t for that course and believing in my pricing. A £700 album on a lockdown family shoot…who would’ve thought!?

– Charlene M