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Get Real: Diving into Documentary Family Photography

An in-depth self paced course to get you started in documentary family photography.

Instructor: Alice Chapman

Documentary Nursery School Photography

A in-depth self paced course for those wanting to design a successful documentary nursery school offering as part of their photography business.

Instructor: Alice Chapman

Don't Be A Starving Artist: Sustainable Pricing for Family Photographers

An in-depth self paced pricing and selling course for family photographers.

Instructors: Alice Chapman and Antonina Mamzenko

Portfolio Building

A five week group mentoring course.

Instructor: Alice Chapman

Turning Chaos Into Art: Elevating the Documentary Image

A five month creative mentorship for documentary family photographers.

Instructors: Antonina Mamzenko and Emma Collins

The Storyteller: Photography Beyond the Single Image

Unlock your inner storyteller in this intensive and interactive group mentoring programme. We will show you how to craft meaningful narratives to tell powerful stories and take your photography beyond the single image

Instructors: Antonina Mamzenko and Alice Chapman

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Image © Emma Collins

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